A Dash Of Lime

This morning as I sat down to receive something to post, I was told you must go back to the beginning.
Huh, I questioned the beginning of what exactly? After all at my age there have been many beginnings and endings. So as it turns out this beginning is the book I kept for a few years detailing the experiences of my awakening process on the path to wellness. So back we went in search of what I didn’t know. Reading brought to me how small and scared and hope filled I was that the words could be true. How many times the many Guides told me in different ways that all is well and you have the power to do this thing.
As it turns out the beginning we were seeking is first received message as a poem of sorts. It is their way of saying (I think) to you that even something as this coming to you, is a message a beginning if you allow it to be so, of a closer walk with Spirit.

A Dash of Lime
Turn on a Dime
Keeping Time is crazy
It doesn’t make you lazy
When you let Time get Hazy

Just so you know for me it was permission for the many hours being spent in meditation at that point.

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