The power of surrender

I AM it All
I AM everything
You call you

I AM the energy of life
I AM that which beats your heart
I AM the Light
I AM the small quiet voice that guides

I AM everything that is
I AM everything that will be

So, Beloved
Why is surrender difficult
A suggestion to go one way
Instead of the other

The right hand path instead of the left
The pink one instead of the black
The kitten instead of the puppy
Quiet now don’t speak at this time

This move serves you not
Try this one
Still you resist
Still you know better

Free will is yours
In surrender
There is peace
The choice is and will always be yours

There is power in surrender
To Divine guidance
To Divine Will

Many of One


Testing your abilities

Now we say this
Playing a game as you do
Testing your body’s
Physical abilities

In this there can be joy
In this there can be pleasure
Pleasure in the physicality
Of being in this time space reality

Testing your abilities to hone them
Coming together with others wishing
To test theirs in a game of skill
That is not competing to control another

That is testing your physical prowess
Your proficiency at a particular skill set
Learning exactly what your body can do
Feeling good about being you

It is not about controlling
It is not about holding another down
It is not about you are less
And I am more

Can you see the difference

Many of One

It blinds you to the task at hand

You see my dears this is how it goes
If you can be kept competing against
Then you are focused on the other
Not on you

So you’ve been told that in order
To be seen as having value…
You must compete
Because “only the strongest survive”

Your observation of nature
Leads you to believe that
The same rules apply to you
They DON’T

Animals cull the sick and weak
From the herds they stalk
Humans aren’t meant to do this thing
Being stronger, faster isn’t necessarily better

Being human means to care
To care for
To take care of
Yourself and others

Competition on all levels
Is the rat race
The never ending chasing your tail
It blinds you to the task at hand

Which is living a Christed life
Do that which a Christed being would
Living the life of God in physical form
Living from a place of LOVE

Oh, but you say “They will come”
They will beat us
They will win
We say in surrender there is freedom

This civilization you live in
Is created by Man, not Creator
Is meant to keep you
Chasing your tail

Change your focus
Like attracts like
Do you not see

Many of One


And, your Soul will shine

We say to you be the best
You, you can be
You say to you if I win at this thing
I am the best one

We say to you be the best
You, you can be
You say if I am a better speaker
I am the best one

We say to you be the best
You, you can be
You say if I am more handsome
I am the best one

We say to you be the best
You, you can be
You say if I have more than the next
I am the best one

We say to you
Making the other less by winning
Does not make you the best you
It makes the other less than

So, if you spend your time
Being better than the other
You, are not being the best You
You are competing for a prize

We say to you
YOU are the prize
Your energy is best spent
On the inside of you

Not in the game of
More than and less than
This is how you be controlled
By those outside of you

Be the best you
And it will not matter
If you win or lose
And, your Soul will shine

Many of One

So, here you are in this body

You were created by Creator
In the image of perfection
Connected for all time and places
To the energy of Creator

By the Grace of the Creator
You cannot be less than perfect
The outer shell of you is not
Who you Be

So, here you are in this body
But, fortunately You are
The body only houses You

That’s rule #1
For being physical
Now you see there is a twist
Creator has a sense of humor

Rule #2 is that
Because of cause and effect
A Universal Law
Your thoughts and behaviors

Can and will affect the body
So your thought and actions
Become the energy that
Resides inside the cells

If your energy is malignant
Your body will become sick
If you put poisonous thoughts into it
Your body will become sick

If you think you unworthy
Your body will become sick
If you change your thoughts and actions
Your body can and will become well

Many of One

Trust the universe to provide

Now you see
Your choice is this
See or not
Do or not

The light of the Creator
Fills you to the extent
That you prepare

Your body cannot
Hope to hold the light
If you are more in your
Mind than your Heart

It is your choice
To change your thinking
From can’t to can
From fear to all is well

In you there are voids
Fill the voids with light
Become a giver
Not a taker be

Prepare you to become
Allow the light to guide
Trust the universe to provide
Choose the light

The light is your guide

Many of One

A butterfly that can fly to the moon

And so we say
Unto you all
The Word of the Creator

And in the LAW
You will find
The consistency you seek
The LAW cannot change

The LAW is not subject
To the whims of man
The LAW governs
The universes of Creation

So we say to you
That in the LAW
That does not change
In this is the Creator’s Love

As any parent knows
A child cannot thrive
In chaos
In a world without rules

So safely within the LAW
You go about becoming
For the LAW doesn’t change
It is your cocoon

What the Creator has wrought
Man cannot undo
Understand the LAW
Become a butterfly

A butterfly that can fly to the moon

Many of One