Elvis, no less

Breathing in and out
Steady as you go
Breathe is life itself

I don’t know how spirit direction works in anyone else’s life only mine. So this week we have woken up in the early hours to find, download and listen to gospel music (Elvis no less). Stayed awake until the wee hours listening to hymns on Amazon music. Today on the internet reading Universal Laws. Plus reading reference material on the I AM . In the past it was self-sustaining, grid free-living. The Angels and Guides in my universe seem to see the internet as a value added teaching device, often reading only one word on a page that took hours to find. As I am looking for what I do not know…I hear “ Not that…Okay this one..We are done”. Obviously I am reading and searching, following guidance and very curious to “see” what they will ask for next. As I am typing this, the print color on the computer is for black type, oddly I am seeing green letters. Strange? Maybe.
So, we have Elvis singing gospel, church hymns, Universal Laws, I AM and green ink. Wondering how it will all come together and what’s next.


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