I had a Choice therefore I AM

I stood in line
The Creator approaches
The Love it flowed
The Creator asked what is your choice
To become Creator in your universe or stay
I had a choice therefore I AM
I AM Creator in physical form

It came to me in a vision a great spiral of crystalline forms.
All were blinking wondrous colors inside.
Then there was a golden light that moved slowly from one form to another.
As it came to each form the golden light engulfed it and when the two came together the Angels sang. I had a knowing that the Creator was discussing with the life force of each being their plans for the next incarnation in physical form. I understood that the discussion included a complete knowing by the being of all that could unfold. As each discussion ended the crystalline form blinked out…was born into physical or moved to another space. In that moment I understood that becoming physical to experience is a choice and that each being used their free will to make that choice. I began to understand that the real “me” lived in that crystalline form inside my physical body and that connection with that crystal was what I wanted, to live inside of that wondrous space, not inside my head. So each day I choose and strive to be that energy…to be positive flowing out to life.



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