I belive I’ll go that way

Come they say to him now is not the time for cabbages and kings
Now they say to him it’s time to learn of other things
Things to use when you are grown
There is this that has not been said
The things you learn outside yourself
Are things of other men.
Learn you must to still and listen
For the quiet voice within
This voice will speak of things just for you
Of the peace that grows inside yourself because you do what’s right
Integrity, is a tool to help you to be at peace
Discernment, is a tool for distinguishing right and wrong..not the middle road
It makes the walk a straighter path to the Christed life
The world is gray they keep it that way hoping you’ll get lost
In all the choices you don’t make to choose the lighted path
Hope is found when you learn to say “I listened to what I think”
I feel a longing to put my feet upon another path
There is peace and joy and hope and LOVE
I believe I’ll go that way

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