Practice makes Miracles

I AM here you know that’s true
I AM you that’s true too
I AM connects me to you
I AM connects you to all
YOU ARE the manifestation of the CREATOR


One of the points we continue to speak of in our role as teacher is that you step into the power of who you are. You are not the mouse perpetually being chased by the big bad cat. You are a physical extension of the Creator with the ability to create that which you desire. The path to this creation is a quiet mind and a loving, peaceful heart. When you are in that place all is possible. It is a matter of aligning yourself every day for brief periods of time. As is the saying practice makes perfect, but we say perfect practice makes miracles. Each day as you quiet your mind and slip into your heart you will find it easier and easier to maintain the alignment for longer periods. We are not talking hours here, just minutes of connection with all that is. It is not necessary to make a “special” place that is just for this purpose. Some of you will never get around to creating the place and then you begin to have a guilt reaction because you should and you have not. The first thing in your day, before your life gets in the way, even before you leave your bed a minute or two at that time when the connection created in your sleeping moments is still solid can be all that is needed. Our typist finds it easier in the shower when mind and body are distracted. The carrot we are holding out in front of you is practice makes miracles. So we entreat you to begin at your start of day tomorrow.

Expect miracles
Many of One


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