It is a very small step required to start

There is you
There is me
There is the world as they told us it should be
But what if
What if
Your world is as you choose it to be

We are again as you see asking you to choose. There cannot be an over use of this term/word “choose”. It is a verb in your language for a reason. In our way we are asking that you be present and accounted for, actively choosing to live your life with a conscious awareness that it will be as you choose it. There are so many instances we can’t begin to enumerate here, when you have allowed yourself to be as someone has expressed to you should be. Why, we ask and is it your benefit to do so? It would seem that this is a question calling for reflection on your part and to aid you in doing so we would raise a few points for consideration.

You are a Christed Being, and this Being that you are inhabits a physical body…you are not confined or defined by that body.
Nor are you confined by the DNA or the previous actions of those in your line who came before. The body is a vehicle nothing more.
Now it is true that this DNA has determined a few things about how the body will look and those who came before you may have manifested an illness or two. However, you need not accept those illnesses as your own. In that you have a choice, always there is a choice to be free, to exercise your free will to choose differently.

We think this is enough for today and we leave you with this: It is within your power/ability in this instant  to choose to become that which you came here to be. A divine being living a physical experience.

It is a very small step required to start and a giant step forward in becoming…..
Many of One


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