Rely on Self

We come to you from time to time
To spend a moment
And drop a line
A whisper from us to you
Hoping that you hear
In all our words
There is just one message
Rely on self

In everything we offer there is and underlying message of self-reliance. We are asking that you learn to trust and hear your inner self. The voice that says stop…feel first, then act. In all things you are the creator, the creation of a beautiful life does not happen without some innerspection (we created a new word here). We ask that you think with your heart and see with your inner eyes. The eyes that see (if they choose) the perfection and the truth of creation, it is not the appearance of what is before you. When you see only the appearance of illness and things unwanted you do not see the truth. We ask you seek the truth in all things and in that truth you will find the Creator’s perfection in all things.

Many of One


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