We came to you a time ago

We came to you a time ago
Spoke the words that you must
Go deep inside where the answers reside
Your truth and your power are not outside
The path to both are found in you

It is true we say to you that, tools there are many, use those you wish. Tools that will quiet the mind and stir the heart will benefit the most. A tool given to one might not work for another. We often give those we speak to three or four ways of beginning the search. In the end they must find the tool that works for them, we can only point. Those who come before us asking, must understand that the journey is theirs to make we may only guide. We share our knowing and vibration with you and in that moment the healing begins, most can feel that peace and comfort. It is when you walk away and understand that you are still with you and the questioning starts. As you allow your mind control of you peace is kept at bay. Still the chatter in your mind about, how things should be, how dare they do that to me, I have done everything expected and things are not as I wish them to be; then and only then will you be able to begin to heal and more importantly become the creator of life that you came to be.

Many of One

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