Because it is


Listen my children and you will hear
The voice that comes to your ear
Sometimes outside of you
Sometimes inside of you
The voice of calm and love
The voice of peace and quiet
The one that says all is well
Because it is
All is as it should be
Because it is
Turn your head and smell the sweetness
Because you can

Find inside yourself just one moment of peace today and the try again tomorrow for 2 moments and again the next day. When you can build inside yourself a place of calm within the chaos that world exhibits and spend a view minutes inside each day; you draw to yourself like energy of calm and soon with a bit of diligence the chaos falls and you have peace. Not only that but you also draw to yourself those beings also seeking peace. And they draw others and so on and so on. That is why you must be the change you seek to see. Master Gandhi understood this very simple truth, our physical friends find so hard to accomplish. One person determined to find peace among the chaos can change the world. Those inside the chaos would have you believe that you are powerless, we say to you if you allow them to take your peace you are powerless they are right. So we say, prove them wrong maintain your inner peace and allow it to shine out. Instead of fight against, remain steadfast inside your peace and be the change you seek to find.

Many of One


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