Not all are players of ball


We come to you with words of truth
Listen to the words we say
You cannot go astray
First of all there’s only one Babe Ruth
There’s only one Michael Jordan
Do you begin to understand
You tell your children be like them
They make lots of money
They are famous
Their life is good

Not all are players of ball
Not all are physical athletes
Not all are beautiful enough
Not all are talented enough

We would suggest to you that you teach your child to be the best them they can be. Every being has a gift. As Mom and Dad it is your duty to help your child discover theirs. Expose your youngsters to everything within your ability to do so. Do not hold up to them an example that they cannot hope to reach as the ultimate picture of success. A child who cannot throw a ball, might write plan for global peace. Light a fire within your child to try everything and fail successfully. There is no shame in failing only in not trying. Please, Please remember that this is their life, for them to live, not yours. They did not come into physicality for you to shape them into a being that you failed to be.

Many of One


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