The Agitation Streams

Into every time it seems
The music stops
And no one dreams

The agitation streams
Stirring and Stirring
Until something pops

And then slowly
Awakening begins

It would be to great benefit, if the something that “pops” is not violence, and destruction. Unfortunately at this time in your societal evolution, it seems that destruction must come first before the awakening.

We offer this for those of you are not participating in the stirring of the agitation. First though a reminder that observation of the stirring is participation. Although it is possible to change something by observing it, the observer must be in a positive and loving energy while observing to effect change. Then a note that it is not possible for most of you to witness/observe one human being violent to another without cringing/crying. In the moment that you feel that particular energy you have added to the stirring of agitation. Like energy draws like and so it grows.

So, our offering to you, it is not new. Turn off your technology that allows the unwelcome, uncomfortable sights and sounds in to your world/energy. It will be easier for you to weather is current storm without observing. You will still be aware, but withdrawn and  from that distance, you will be more able to create a bubble of calm and love around you and yours that enables positive loving like energy to be drawn together in a bigger bubble. For it is our observation that there are more of you desiring peace and prosperity than those of you who revel in stirring agitation and hate. For wherever there are two or more of you gathered in goodness and grace so stands the Creator, compelling change to happen.

Practice calm and create peace.

And we leave you to your practice
There is great love here for you.
Many of One


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