Something greater than you

The creation story
It is story told by those
Who would be in control
Ones who said only they could understand
A story that says
Something greater than you
Judges you and finds you lacking
Some other being has written a set of rules
By which you must abide

Did you ever notice that there is not much love in the rules that they say you must obey. There is a lot of obeying this and obeying that, but not much about loving you.
They that if you do this thing or that thing in this life, there might be hope for you in the next life. We tell you truly, that you did not come forth into this time space reality to work diligently for a reward that you already possessed before you chose to materialize into physical.

You came here of your own free will, to experience everything that physicality has to offer; while re-knowing that you are living the life of a Christed Being in physical form. That being is not powerless, that being does not lacking understanding of universal Laws, that being needs no other to interpret Creator/Creation for him/her.

Know our friends that this is true and applies to all beings in all Creation.
We wish to help you into your understanding of who you BE

Many of One

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