Learning Peace The Early Days

I see references pointing out that each being is a “universe” unto themselves, orbiting around each other sometimes interacting by choice other times not. Every being’s life gives them a point of reference/experience from which they make choices, consciously or not. Choice is how we steer our ship.
In my younger years when life was nothing but chaos to me, I was shown a vast whirlpool with all the thoughts of my mind and the actions of my body swirling around and around and sinking into a black hole (the sewer). At the time I was guided to understand that I must make a decision… choose one thought/action and follow the straight line of it out of the chaos. In other words choose one thought and turn it into an action and see that action through to its conclusion good, bad or indifferent. Riding a leaky boat around and around the sewer of my mind in no action would get me nowhere. So I chose to understand that if my life was chaos my surroundings could not be, living in physical and mental/emotional disorder was crippling. I began very slowly to choose very small things to do, get up when the alarm clock went off, do a load of laundry and put it away instead of leaving it in the basket.
These may seem like very small unimportant choices, but each decision and follow through was like building a bridge up and out of the sewer. It became increasingly apparent that I could do something to help myself and I began to grow. That seemingly simple choice of one thing and follow through, allowing myself to be guided by spirit has lead to a quiet mind and peaceful heart.


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