We have spoken to you of those who will join you will come when you have stepped out.
Walk in integrity you; must. These teachings have the most value when they stand free. Each individual should feel that they are free to see themselves as creator of their selves and their universes.

Now listen and feel and we will show you the way of it.
We reach out to you across time and space as you understand it to enlighten and raise the earth beings from the quagmire of beliefs.

To speak to one other that they are Creator and to then use old treatises as a portion of the teachings to this new understanding will not serve.Those who seek a new path are already at a place where definition as a Christian, Catholic, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist etc. no longer serves them. Therefore to serve them you cannot rely on old thinking.

Remember the teaching of Master Jesus that to turn the other cheek is to: face away from that which does not serve and seek that which does. Turn from the thing that makes you uncomfortable and seek that which is love.

Those who are ready to hear these words have already crossed the bridge from old thinking  to new being and have shed those garments.
Every being is energetically at the place where they should be at this time and there are those who have accepted being in service to bring others across the bridge and those that teach a new Christian God of joy and support instead of hell and damnation. There then also must be those that reach out and create a way of being that is new. (“new” does not feel right .. is as close as I can get..) We are asking you to be brave enough to step completely out of the box. We have spoken of each individual being the Central Sun in the universe that they create. That Central Sun then energetically draws other beings and together they create the multi-verse that is this time space reality. As above so below. Now understand that most beings do this by default and are unaware that every time two beings interact they are creating energy that moves out in the earth plane to join the energy of all at that frequency. You see the result of this unconscious creating every day on your TV and Internet. We are offering a teaching that will enable those seeking to understand this to move forward in the creation of individual universes working energetically to the formation of a new method of existing on the earth plane. Understanding that all is as it should be and being free of judgments. Remembering that judgment spoken or thought is an engery that seeks like energy in creation.
We are pleased that you are again reaching out, seeking and finding us. Stepping out is uncomfortable for you and those closest to you.
You have the knowing that this is the reason for your incarnation at this time and those who are with you have agreed to participate. There are no accidental pairings.

We are here when you seek.
Many of One


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