August 20, 2014

A few days ago I discovered the Lenard Cohen song Hallelujah. As things often happen with me, my guides reacted “like finally we thought you would never get around to this”. I have memorized that song heard it night and day unbroken in my head. On Monday night the poem you find below started filling my mind until I finally begged to be allowed to sleep. This morning a “major lift” and it is done. Take from it what you will.
I look forward to a good sleep tonight.

They stand the wretched of the world
Faces unseen and voices unheard
Their words unspoken outside their hearts
You do not see or hear them …. do ya

It please the Lord that they be heard
The Angels sing their words
Will you hear them now at her command
The Angels singing the broken Hallelujah

Now the words of the broken souls
Become the Holy Hallelujah
As the Lord commands
You hear them now…don’t ya

The beauty and sound courses through ya
The Holy Hallelujah

It pleases the Lord that you should hear the voices
Of the wretched of the world without the Angels
The small hello blazes through the heavens
And Lord hears the Holy Hallelujah


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