And you too, shall blog

Below you will find the message I received in the shower that started the blogging. I took publish as blog…no way was I interpreting book.

You see then that you already knew how to be in fear, what you were totally unfamiliar with was how to be fearless. This is what we are asking you to do, be fearless in the face of life. This is your topic now write and publish.

ome topic… huh? Then again the guides are absolutely right (as always). I was taught to fear life as a young child. The guide has been with me since my earliest recollection at about 3 telling me that “I” was alright and that there was nothing to fear and if I would just “listen” things would turn out fine. I have learned to do a lot of things in my lifetime, most of them while telling myself that there wasn’t anything to fear, while at the same time being scared stiff. You see the background noise of my tribe was still there saying “this isn’t going to work, you can’t do this, you’re going to get hurt, get killed”. Although I often continued anyway the fear was always in the pit of my stomach. So then there are two voices one saying trust and one saying all the fear based stuff.

Fast forward to 2007 and the voice of the guide becomes very loud outside my head asking me to choose to be well. So I did. Then the non physical beings started showing up…and I could see them. Funny thing I forgot to be afraid it was such an amazing thing to see and the experiences so beyond explaining that I just went along for the ride. Don’t you know that everything had a lesson to it and sometimes the same lesson many times. All the while I am asking for an instruction book and that it should be at least 6 inches thick and cover all topics. Learning to listen and trust without knowing the outcome is the real lesson and along the way I lost the fear voices in my head (mostly). I will admit to be fearful of being judged for just what I am doing today, putting the voice in my head and the lessons learned out in the ethers.

So you see that by gently suggesting (repeatedly) that I write and publish the guides have asked me to do the thing most feared and to be fearless in the face of that. We are a work in progress.


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