There will come a time in the not too distant future, when hate will be replaced by love. When sadness is replaced by joy. When envy is replaced by gratitude. When greed is replaced by sharing. Slowly humankind is coming to the realization that things are of no consequence that love, compassion and joy are the way of healing old wounds, the world around. The only thing needed to accomplish this is to walk in the light of the Father-Mother-God. The cup of life held in the hands of this energy is not half empty or half full, but overflowing. There is no lack in the consciousness called God by humankind, no one person can claim more than their share and there-by keep others from getting their portion. You have not the power to take from anyone what Father-Mother-God gives them. Even the act of murder does not take someone’s “life”, because there is no Death. The essence of a human does not die; it only transitions into another form, place, and existence.

I am come this day to share with you the love of all beyond human form. It matters not what my “name” is. I have been known by many, called by humans that which fills their need. It matters only that my vibration is called good and flowing with the energy YOU identify with LOVE. Can you not see the necessity to look beyond yourself, your humanness, to empty your thoughts and flow with the beat of your heart? Listen to the music that your heart creates. IT is the rhythm of creation. Centered in your heart each of you shall fulfill the prediction of the Christ “this and more you shall do”.

As you can see from the date, this was given a while back. The reason to post today is that it has occured to me this morning that a considerable number of humans are waiting for the snap of the Angelic fingers and  there it is heaven on earth exactly as “we” would have it.  Thing is no two “we” would have it the same way. They say to me today that we must then first find “peace within ourselves” and allowing and  acceptance and  surrender and trust and suddenly there it is: Heaven on Earth.


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