The power of the Individual

We are come this day to speak with you about those things you seek to know. In your time space continuum there is problem upon problem flying around. Each situation provoking fear of one sort or another. You see the idea is to keep you chasing your proverbial tail in fear. For if you were to sit quietly with yourself and not respond in fear, your peace will come. Much is created everyday to keep you in a continued agitated state. Created to keep you from going within yourself for the answers. Your media, governments and organized religions are all creating issues which you give your attention to and usually in fear, or horror or hopelessness that it can never be different. You are right in the feeling that this might be a test, but not the test which you think. It is a test between you and you.

The choice then is will you feed fear or peace, for you see there cannot be world peace without individual peace. The universal belief among human kind is in their “lack”. As a whole they do not accept their own ability to affect a change in the world from their small and insignificant self. We tell you now that it is the individual who must change in order for the whole to change. To quote Master Gandhi “YOU must be the change you wish to see in the world”. The power to change the outcome lies within the individual’s ability to see themselves as powerful beyond reason. Notice we do not say belief in this concept, but say see themselves as this. Belief is not something that serves human kind. Belief is a mind action that allows groups to form a “power” base from which to attack another groups beliefs.

The power of the individual comes in the ability to reside in their heart, to beat in unison with divine radiance and to walk in trust. Knowing resides in your beating heart and is the strength which allows you to be peace within and without.

Many of One


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