Evolve is what you want

Listen to us now
Listen to us how
It’s there in the word
The word that has been heard
Heard but not lived
Love to One and All
No one great or small
This one is not broken
That one needs not shame
Guilt there does abound
In every shape and sound
Judgments all around

STOP we say to you
This is not the way
Evolve you do not
Evolve is what you want

There is a staircase
Circular in shape
Each step formed from Love
Each step flat and sure
Only little steps
God light, lights the way

You will not walk alone
Angels do surround
Each one as they step
Then a bell is rung
Heaven gives a sigh
Another walks the way
Of the Golden Light
Around and up you go
Going not alone
Evolving into Love
Evolving into ONE


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