A practical guide to a quiet mind.

The statement that my mind is quiet (without background conversations) and that a being can go about their day without “thoughts” in their head; is often received with skepticism. There have been many reasons for why this doesn’t/won’t work, let me then tell you of my walk with the Angels and the lessons and the tools given that lead to my quiet mind.

A caveat here there is still one area of my life that can cause my mind to explode with thoughts and that is when I perceive that something unwanted or threatening is coming at one of my Grandchildren, Great Nieces or Nephews…the youngsters in my family without the tools or ability to defend themselves.

Meditation is the first tool that I was given and let me tell you it’s not an easy thing to do. Any being who has accomplished the ability to sit still and empty their mind can pat themselves on the back for a job well done. Back in the day I had undergone some Transcendental Meditation training and so I wasn’t starting from ground zero. To sit quietly and let the thoughts pass through without my mind grabbing them for a bit of conversation, mostly negative took some work. When I was able to do it there was the reward of visions and conversations with Teachers and Masters. The long term reward was of course peace, but in the short term the chance conversation with Melchizedek or Mother Mary or some other being was enough to keep me trying.

So we are meditating daily and sometimes several times a day…in the quiet of the house by myself and feeling pretty good about the ability to do so and the peace that resulted. Now they say we want you to interact with people in public places and maintain the quiet in your mind. Not exactly what I had expected, but then with the Guides nothing ever is.

They never send you without instructions on how to accomplish the goal. The next tool I was given was “I am a being of the violet fire; I am the purity God desires”. Some of you will recognize this as one of St. Germaine’s decrees, at the time I didn’t know who he was but had just met some folks who did and told me to Google him or the decree. When I did, I was surprised to see that he was one of Masters who had been speaking with me. I was asked to repeat this statement to myself whenever my mind started up a negative conversation. It is amazing how many times a day you can repeat two sentences. After a while it became automatic for the repetition to start when I felt the slightest discomfort or my mind grabbed at something negative. In the next two years I was given other statements always two sentences and always more than four words.

Try it for yourself pick two lines of a favorite poem, song or make up something completely silly that your mind can’t pick at. For example: Purple elephants like to skip in circles, Orange zebras are all the rage this year. It matters not what you say only that it is not negative and is able to distract you from joining in the conversation with your mind.


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