Only in the Now

In every word
Choices must be heard
Heard by Spirit
Heard by Soul
What you say to you
What you say to them

Let us speak today of the ability of words to create the universe that you reside within. Inside every word there is a spark of energy which draws to it like energy. Words spoken kindly draw to it others which resonant at the same frequency and at the moment they combine a small nuclear explosion (small big bang) occurs creating more kindness in your future moments. Creation occurs moment to moment, that is the critical point behind our request that you each stay in this moment. This second is all you have to live and to create. If you bring past moments into this moment, then your next moment is filled with more of the same. Likewise if you bring the wanting (lack of) something not yet yours into this moment you draw to yourself “lack of” in your next moments.

Only in the now, not in the was or when.
Only in the here, not the there or then.

In this moment all possibilities exist in your universe, not probabilities. Probable outcomes are created depending on whether you are bringing past or future into your now moment. Child… your society is very fond of convincing you to bring past hurts and future wants into your now; we are aware of the constraints that hold you in place. Breaking free of past and future is what we are asking of you. We feel you asking how, tools, please tools and for that instruction book yet again. If we gave you an instruction book, it would be placed on the shelf with all the other program books…impressive but unopened. So we come to you in your now moment, we have given tools meditation, rhymes to distract the mind. These tools allow unbroken(unblemished) flow of all that is into this moment. We hear you saying been there, done that, how; we are asking that you keep these practices on going in your daily experiences. Choosing the words that you speak is the next tool that we have been speaking of with you today. When you go back and read these words you will realize this.

We leave you to ruminate on possibilities vs probabilities and to make your choice.

Many of One


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