Choose it is a Must


Yes Guides are here
They will make it clear
You are not alone
Choice is yours alone
Either this or that
Choose it is a must
Before turning into dust

Our conversation today will be about why you need awareness of the choices you make in every moment. You have free will and the choice is yours to be aware or not, to create consciously or not, accept responsibility or not. Understand that not choosing is also a choice with its own outcomes.
There are steps on the path to ascension and the tool to get you from stone to stone on the path is choice. The first stone is choose and after that you must choose to take the next step and the next. Always, choosing as you go.

Free will is the gift of the Creator. You have the freedom to choose how your life will unfold. It is not meant that life should happen to you, but that YOU should happen to life. Your societies have made it clear to most beings that life happens to them and if they just had this or that, just achieved this thing then they would be in control. Truth is that you have always been in control of how and what happens in your experience in this time space reality. The power to create your life comes from choosing consciously. Choose to walk your own path to power…to becoming the creator of your own experience

Choose- to Listen
Choose to Allow- the guidance to unfold in your realty
Choose to Accept – Responsibility for how things unfold
Choose to Surrender – the Grace of the Creator
Choose to Yield- get out of your own way
Choose to Trust – lose the need to know the outcome


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