Reflect upon Allowing

The Angels come to sing the name
The name that is not spoken but always remains the same
The name of the Creator
No matter how you call this one
The name is the only word
And the word is LOVE

We seek to speak to you of fear. In this physicality that you have chosen there are only two choices. Love or fear.  In the media love is scarce and fear is rampant. You have the knowing that every being is asking and receiving, and that is as it was promised. You understood that when you were birthed in to physical form that this would be. All would be asking and all would be receiving. Now you are here and everyone is asking and their asking is not what you would receive. So you stand and say, “Change your request so my universe can be as I wish”. Then you mark each other with labels and insist that all those with the same label group together and ask the same question and then fight for the same outcome. Understand the fight against is not productive. There cannot be a fight against anything that will be successful. What is successful is to allow each her own. If you can stand in your universe and judge not that which you see outside yourself only allow, then slowly day by day the fear retreats and Love steps forward. The energy wasted each minute in fighting against will never come again and all the time you are fighting against you are not asking and receiving that which would fill your soul. Americans are known for fighting against and fighting for the underdog and fighting for right. Over the last century you have been fighting against many, many things and they are still in your realty and you keep on fighting. Now would be a good time to stop fighting and allow, to seek and let “unto each his own”, turn your cheek and seek something that gives you joy. A minute spent in joy, sustains your soul and fills you with peace and in that minute like energy joins with yours and you create joy. Would it not serve you better to be joined with others and create joy that leads to love than to fight against? We ask that you reflect upon the outcome of allowing.

Many of ONE

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