Is everybody scared?
They choose for you
Fear from outside
Peace they don’t allow
Time to stop

It might seem you that we are on what you would call the “soap box”, in that we are still speaking of not allowing your media to dictate your emotions/reactions. Each day you start by checking to see what is: there is Ebola, wars, murders, and kidnappings; the list of horrific things is endless. You must look hard indeed to find something that brings joy to your screens. We wish to bring to your awareness that it is possible to view all of this and not be taken up in the whirlpool of negativity to the extent that it affects your ability to be. Oh, you say it is what it is and it is thus. Writing down what is, is all in the pencil of the writer. Emphasis on one word or another changes the energy of the story. This is a known to you, so why do you allow the writer of that story to write your story?
It is time to stop allowing outside yourself to dictate in anyway how you feel inside yourself. Would you willing choose to allow this to be attracted to you and allow it to continue attracting? We think not.
So we say to you, quiet your mind and see that you can create a different outcome in your universe.
What is need not continue unless you make it so.
Allow peace to flow.

Many of One

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