Imagine your world if………..

A special day for giving Thanks
Imagine your world if
Giving Thanks
Was expressed everyday
Thank you
A simple way
To change your day

We are still discussing consciousness with our typist and it seems easier  if the information comes in bits and bytes. So we will give you pieces with which you may make your own picture. It is the way words work, so make the best picture your words will assemble.

Higher consciousness, raising consciousness are terms that create separation and in a state of separation you are not connected to Creator. In the instant they are spoken to a group some will raise themselves into the higher and some will judge themselves lesser. You have been conditioned to compare and find yourselves lacking in some way. Consciousness is constant, like gravity(on this planet) it is always there. So then you are here breathing and take a look around and you see differences in the cognitive abilities of your fellow beings and judge them more or less conscious and in doing so you lock consciousness into the human mind. Our friend it is not found there, the formation and use of electrical pathways to form thoughts is a function of the human body, and you were conscious before you entered the body you now fill and you will be conscious when you exit.
Many of One


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