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We do not have a magic pill

Don’t you know
It’s as we say
The questions you ask
The answers given

You ask the question
We give the answer
Do this thing it will help
The responsibility is yours

We will not touch you
And make it better
We will say, it can be better
Do this with intention

We do not have a magic pill
We do have a formula of practices
Perfect practice makes a perfect life
The responsibility is yours

You came here knowing
There is not a free ride
Now the free ride paramount
The effort must be yours

We will not change your circumstances
You are responsible for change
Change your choices
Change your life

We will not change those
Who you are in relationship with
You cannot change them
You can only change you

Do you begin to see
You are in control of you
You are responsible for you
You create that which you experience

Many of One

Until you feel that you are finished


So there was a time before
So there will be a time again
That is how it works
You get to come again and again

Until you feel that you are finished
Until you feel that you have done it
Until you are pleased
You get to come again and again

But every time you come
There is the feeling
I have been here before
I left something undone

What is it that I must do
Grow is what you must do
The inner of you must expand
Your soul yearns for expansion

When you begin to search
You begin to feel a peace
Yes this is right
Walk the path, come this way

Begin at the beginning
We are all One
We are a part of the One
Oh, now I begin to recall

What it is I must do

Many of One

The gift is still unopened

All the questions that are asked
All the answers are given
All the time that spent in prayer
All the requests are granted

Question asked
Answer given
Prayer received
Request granted

If you ask
You shall receive
It is written
It is Law

It cannot be otherwise
But, say you
I did not get
That which I asked for

You did we say
The gift is still unopened
The wrapping is different
Than what you expected

Gratitude for what you receive
Gratitude for what you asked for
Even though not yet received
Gratitude unwraps the gift

Miracles occur, look and listen
And you will hear
All the answers in your ear
Answers given

Many of One

So often you endeavor to endure

So often you endeavor to endure
With mouth shut tight
And you say to you
This too shall pass

So often you say to you
This is my plight
I must shoulder through
No gain without pain

So often you say to you
My body is not as I would have it
Oh how it pains me
This is my path

Now come we to say, again
It is not what must be
Stop talking to you
Say only Thank You

Say only I AM grateful
Say only I AM well
Say only I AM loved
Say only I AM peace

Say only Creator
Creates only perfection
Say only creator I AM grateful
Say only I AM LOVE

Many of One

Come with us and walk awhile

Come with us and walk awhile
Come with us and talk awhile
Come with open heart
And let us show you for a while

We would show you for a moment
What it could be like
If you would but take Creator’s hand
Reach out now with eyes closed

Open your heart
Your hand in Creator’s
Peace flows through you
Walk now awhile

Walk awhile in silence
Absorb the energy
Through your hand into all of you
Where you walk you bless the earth

As it was meant to be
Breathe now
See you as Creator does
See all as Creator does

Breathe now
With the energy of the Creator
Flowing through
What would you create

Not what would you fix
But what would you create
Imagine it and it is done
Breathe now

Hold that feeling
Open your eyes
Continue to hold the hand
Go forth and create

Many of One

Belief does not serve you


Today we forgo our bit of “poetry” and get into the discussion we wish to have.

Have you ever stopped to evaluate before you make the statement, “I believe in that” and what that actually means to your growing your consciousness in the manner you intended when you came forth to inhabit this body?

Your dictionary says “a state or habit of mind in which trust or confidence is placed in some person or thing.”

Where in the definition and the manner of usage in a statement of belief is there an open mind?

Notice that the definition says that you place your trust or confidence in something outside yourself. We would remind you that something that you “believe” in should be a truth that comes from your knowing.
A belief is stated as a fact, most of you consider your beliefs as strong statements cut in stone and not open for discussion or negotiations. Again where is the open mind in the equation?

We often remind you that you came to grow your consciousness, in order to accomplish that you must question, question and question. Yes, even question us until there is understanding.

Belief limits your ability to understand and keeps you from evaluating your reality with an open mind, open eyes and open heart. It is in understanding and incorporating understanding into knowing that serves your growth best.

We leave you on winters’ weekend to Ponder … Belief

Many of One

Trust in You

There are words inside of me
Bursting to be free
It’s what I KNOW
That you should KNOW
But there is a part of me
That whispers
Not yet
They are not ready
Not yet
You are not ready

Breathe and Know
It is time
It is well

Everything that you need came inside the package that you see when you look in the mirror. There is not a need to spend an entire life looking for the thing that makes you whole. You came that way. There is only the requirement of quieting your mind and learning hear the quiet voice that says, “Come this way.”

Such a simple thing and most find hard. Trust in yourself, not outside yourself.

Many of One