Two Sentence Tool

Hear the Angels of the Lord
Singing in accord
Across the heavens it sounds
Holy, Holy is their song
Holy, Holy
Holy I AM
I AM Holy
You ARE Holy

We would like to refer today to a conversation concerning tools to quiet the mind. In specific the use of 2 sentences that are more than 4 words each and are given to what you call the monkey mind to occupy it so that you may go about evolving in peace. The sentences can be composed in any way you wish, they need not even make sense; their only purpose is to give the mind something to do. You see every time you have a desire to grow/evolve, the mind steps in with the story. It does not matter which story. Any story will do, it is the story your mind tells you that distracts and keeps you from evolving.
So we suggest that you use the 2 sentences more the 4 words tool. Each time your mind starts to tell you a story, give it the sentences to say. We would recommend that you do not compose sentences which to not resonate. An affirmation for example that “Everyone loves me”, if you do not in this moment feel loved, allows a very strong story to be told by your mind. So we strongly suggest that your choice of sentences is something that resonates in some way.
At first you will have to learn to recognize that your mind is taking you down the yellow brick road or the rabbit hole if you prefer. The moment you realize the mind is in story mode, instead of telling it to be quiet and go away; give it the sentences. You will need to consciously say them to the mind enough times that it will take over and repeat them in the background. It is similar to what happens when you wake up in the morning with a song in your head that plays over and over all day. Once the mind is fully occupied, you are free to explore all possibilities.

Many of One

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