Its Life’s Illusions

Its life’s illusions you allow
That life is hard
The good die young
Black or White
There is no gray

This is what we say to you
Life is what you choose it to be
I AM well
I AM complete
I AM whole
I AM Holy
Holy I AM

In this your Holiday time we would speak with you about preservation of your wholeness. There is much that comes to the surface at this time of year, and most of it is not Joy, Holiday Cheer, or Good Wishes to man. The overriding emotion that our typist feels when out and about is “not enough”; not enough time, money, choices, etc. The “not enough” train is very long and is one that winds down into a place of overwhelming lack. We would suggest that you don’t buy a ticket for this ride, but instead use whatever tools come to your heart that allows you to maintain your wholeness. You are not lacking because a TV commercial has pointed out a “something” you don’t own. The latest gadget will not make you complete. A new computer game will not make you well.
We ask you to bring forward your knowing that you are the light of God shining in this time space reality called Earth. Your daily mediations are what you might call your “weapon of choice”. This daily connection to ALL THAT IS, which fills your being with love; you KNOW that you are a more than the physical body which you see in the mirror. We wish you to bring forth a knowing which you carried into physical form: That which you see/observe need not affect you. Your power is in the ability to effect a change in that which you see/feel. We are asking that you make one of your New Years ReSOULtions, be “I will see/feel this situation with my heart. There is nothing lacking within, I AM HOLY. ALL IS WELL. PEACE ON EARTH. GOOD WILL TOWARD MAN

Many of One


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