I hear there is a reason
I hear there is a way
I hear HE came to show you
I hear you turned away

And now I say to you fear not
There is always time
Time to turn the other cheek
Time to Love thy neighbor as thy self
Time to Be the change you would see
Time to forgive yourself
Time to forgive THEM

We often speak to you of choosing. Choosing is where your power is. Today we are asking that you examine choosing to forgive. Ah, but there is a catch. We are asking that you start forgiving with yourself. For you see there can be no other way to walk that path without starting with yourself. Yes, we are aware that “things have been done to you by THEM”. Always there is the choice you make to react in a certain way, to feel anger, to feel hate, to retaliate.

We ask that you forgive yourself for not KNOWING that how you react to the unkind things done to you is your choice. For allowing THEM to take from you, your power to remain centered in your KNOWING that no matter what is done to you, said to you, said about you. You are still the Holy perfect Child of Spirit that came here to glory in the joy of Being in physical form. When you realize that how you feel about you need not be affected by those around you, even though they may control your comings and goings, your dollars, your access to the wanted things this world has to offer. Then you truly understand what the Christ came here to teach, “you may be in this world but not of this world.”

Again we leave you to ponder.

Many of One


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