Growing Old

We are told grow old you must
We told the mind it must be lost
We are told the body it must die
We are told the world belongs to the young

Gone are the children who would listen to the stories of the elders
Gone are the young who would seek advice on life’s problems
Gone are those who would seek experienced beings to advise them
Gone is respect for a long life lived well

It is any wonder why the oldest of you choose, mostly unconsciously to lose their mind and retreat, letting go of themselves. They slowly withdraw from a world that sees them as being of little value and having nothing to offer. After all your society has spent years saying they will become a burden. It is easier for those already fragile in their physical being, for those who have a healthy body it is not so swift.

We remind you that what you say, what you believe creates the world you live in. We would suggest that you might want to re-think growing older and what that looks like.

Many of One

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