Take My Hand


Take my hand she said to me,
We will take a walk and then you will see
For when you walk with me you see with your heart
There are no broken bodies, no troubled minds
Together we will look upon the perfection that is Creation
With your hand in mine, you will look beyond the illusion
See with me the beauty that is wrought in every beating heart

I, Mother Mary come forward today to speak with you of compassion, not just for those beings that surround you. I wish you to listen closely while we speak together you and I about compassion for yourself. Your dictionaries have many ways of describing self-compassion, I wish to speak about with you about what you might describe as self-kindness. It has been observed that when you come upon a rough patch in your walk in this life, you are more likely to beat yourself up over some misstep that you have taken that has put you where you in this situation. I would suggest that you might benefit more from extending to yourself the same kind and gentle understanding that you would a complete stranger that is suffering in the same way you are.

The hard part about this practice is that it will be necessary for you to not judge yourself. Whether you realize it or not your mind sits in constant judgement of every thought and deed. So then it becomes needful to quiet your mind to exercise a bit of self-kindness. Understand that self-compassion is not self-pity. Self-pity is self indulgent behavior that serves you not at all. Self-compassion understands that others also have these problems and some how they are coping and you can too. No judgement of them or you. In the beginning of learning a little self-compassion it will necessary for you to remember to treat yourself as you would a stranger. In your conversation with you about the situation, speak in the third person or say to yourself, “how would Mother Mary see this situation Joe is in?” What would be her advise? Removing the “I” from the internal dialogue provides a clearer solution and does not allow your mind to enter into the conversation. A careful choice of the word that you use in your self dialogue is also a good strategy. Most beings speak to themselves in the negative without awareness that they are doing so, therein lies part of the problem. So in this new practice of self-kindness that you are starting, speak only loving, kind and understanding words to yourself. You might find it difficult at first, but I assure you that it will be well worth the effort. Remember, you are free to call on me at anytime you might need a little help, or just reach out and take my hand and together we will take another look.

Until we speak again
Mother Mary

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