There is a time


There is a time
There is a place
That everyone can embrace
The time is now
The place is your heart

Your heart is the one place that is truly your own. Unlike your mind it cannot be false to you nor can it be persuaded to believe something other than its own truth. Your heart lets you know when something does not match your inner knowing of yourself and your world. That twist in your gut when something doesn’t feel authentic, is really coming from your heart letting you know “pay attention something is not right here”. Of course if you have not learned to follow that “Gut” reaction; you may end up in a discussion with your mind as to whether or not your gut is right. We tell you now that your gut is getting information from your heart and is a guide to how you should respond. Your heart has the ability to read energies around you. It sends signals to your other senses trying to get your attention. It is often that you ignore/push aside most of these warnings until you are hit in the gut. This is one of the reasons we ask that you quiet your mind and learn to live from your heart.

Many of One


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