All judge

When I look outside of me
Anger, hate, and spite is what I see
It seems that there are not two who can agree
All judge…by what standards I know not
It seems that books written very long ago
Should be the guide by which we live
But which book…which version
Again we cannot agree
We go to church…we do not agree
So we go down the road and start a new church
We re-write the ancient books in “modern” language
Ah, now it is right
But, a person comes along and we cannot agree
So we go down a different road and start a new church
Ah, now it is perfection
But, look what is that another that speaks her truth
Pack up we must and find another location
Where is: Love another as yourself
Where is: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you
Where is: Judge not least ye be judged
Where is: In my Father’s house there are many mansions
Can you not formulate a theory on why there are “many” mansions

We speak to you today of choices made to judge the other, for it is a choice that YOU have made that the other must be as you are, must speak as you do, must think as you do. We ask only one question of you…Why?

Many of One


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