The universe is yours to claim
That you don’t know it is such a shame
That you believe that it is outside yourself
Is a thing you need to reflect on
For your universe is contained with yourself
And then you project it outward
You are the Central Sun around which
Your universe revolves
We seek today to help you to understand that you are more than you perceive when you look upon yourself in your mirror. We wish to aid you in beginning to unravel your belief that you are a small insignificant part of the universe that things happen to. One without the power to change what is currently in your daily experience. As we have spoken before humanity’s greatest fear is that each has the power to change their circumstances. If you accept that you are the one with the power, then you must accept the responsibility for how things are unfolding in your universe. If you accept the power and fail to use it then, our friend comes the realization that you have let yourself down and your condition can be placed at your feet alone. That is why so many of you refuse to KNOW that the power is yours, because is so much more comfortable for you to continue that litany of “who did what to you and that is why things are as they are”. Many of our friends in human form cling strongly to the story of who did what. Understand here that we are not asking or even hinting that you need to berate yourself in some manner or break yourself down to “bottom” and start to rebuild. We are gently suggesting that you begin to forgive yourself for not understanding that the power is yours. Then to choose to in small ways each day rebuild your internal comprehension of you. We ask that you turn your cheek and seek that which brings you a little joy each day. The color of the sky, the smile of an infant, the cooling breeze and allow the joy of the small things into your universe. In this way, along with your meditations you will start to ease yourself into a new way of being you. The “story” must fade away so that you can be all you were meant to be when you decided to sojourn awhile in human form.

Many of One

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