You are the Creator of your Universe, use your words wisely

There is nothing is this old world
That is greater than the spoken word
It is beauty and it is power
It is how you create your future
It is how you change unwanted into wanted
It is in how you tell the story
Choose today to speak a new life

Good afternoon dear friends, we are wishing a soft conversation today. Although the topic is one we have discussed before, it is our desire to softly bring you to re-know your ability to use the spoken word to create a new life.
There are other teachers besides ourselves who speak about tell a different story and change your life. This is a thing known to you before you came to this time space reality and we desire to re-kindle in you the aspiration to use this powerful method to change your circumstances. Even those of you whose life would seem perfect from the outside looking in, have things you would wish different. The essential part of this process is that you leave your past, just there, in the past. It is not part of your new creation. This often proves the most difficult thing for our human friends; for they often feel that they must tell the story of the past for others to “get” who they are now. Your past story brought you to where/who you are at this moment. If in this moment all is as you wish it then continue to tell that story. On the other hand if where you are is not pleasing to you then, it is time to begin to create a new story.
You must start at the point that you are now, at the vibration that is your energy now. So, then it is necessary to find some small thing that you can feel good about, (vibrate and a higher level) and focus on that thing and bring that good feeling into the beginning of your new creation. It takes very little time, less than one minute to bring that good vibration into your energy field.
Once you make the effort, (for this is not a thing that comes without some effort), your cells remember that good feeling and it then becomes easier and easier with practice to bring yourself to a place where you exist in this moment and the story is writing itself and miracles happen without pleading for the Creator to intercede on your behalf.

You are the Creator of your Universe, use your words wisely.
Many of One


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