Seek and find

Seek and ye shall find
Seek and find illness
Seek and find wonders
Seek and find
Seek and find health

The statement made by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, “seek and ye shall find”; applies in unwanted as well as wanted.
This day we would discuss with you this truth, if you seek you shall find. There is one particular area of seeking and finding that is upper most in our thoughts.
That is the seeking of illness/wrongness in the body and mind. When our friends are not feeling their best in any area of their life, we have noticed that they begin to seek outside themselves for what is causing their discomfort.

We acknowledge that some are truly not well and need the help of a physician to help their body/mind be well. 

We are speaking to those who go looking for the reason that they are unhappy with things in general and start going to this one and that one running tests looking for something to blame for the discomfort they feel. If you seek you will find, why we ask would you want to find illness in your body, when you could seek/reflect upon the reason for your unwanted feelings and transform yourself. You need not find cancer in order to change from the caterpillar into the butterfly, transformation from dis-ease to ease is a process that does not require medication. It does require meditation, reflection and effort on your part to quiet your mind and learn to live from your heart. Real wellness comes from the inside out not from the outside in. There are many paths and many teachers who offer methods on how this might be done. It is our suggestion that you seek in this area and find the method that resonates with you, that makes you feel joyous and curious as to how you can become the butterfly and not stay the caterpillar.

Many of One


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