Adventures there are many kinds
It all depends on your state of mind
This is as in all things
It will be as you choose it
So choose well
Adventures or problems
Health or sickness
Joy or sorrow
Face the unknown with anticipation
Or face it with fear

Good day friends, today we are talking with you about choosing, of course, what else you say. Well, it is our most earnest desire to help you understand that choosing is where your power lies. Understand also that not choosing is a choice. Every new day you are exposed to a series of experiences, if you were to choose to look forward to what the day brings your way, your morning coffee will taste glorious, the travel to your work quicker and your fellow workers more pleasant. The vibration of anticipation is positive energy and will draw to your day positive experiences. While you are beginning to practice this choice of anticipation, of looking forward to what the day will bring, re-know that it is in how you choose to respond that will write the next day and the next. In each moment you have the power to choose, and as you choose to be in expectation instead of dread you bring to yourself more of that which you desire. It matters not what is happening around you. You alone are in charge of what is happening within, and that friend is power.

Many of One


2 thoughts on “Adventures

  1. Perfect message for today, as I have been “worrying” about trying to pack and leave Houston before the weather front on the weekend. I’m going to shift my perspective and create my adventure! With great appreciation. Judy


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