When you think you vibrate
When you speak you vibrate
The energy of your vibration
Is a vehicle of creation
So have a negative thought
Let it go = no vibration
Same negative thought endlessly = negative vibration
It is when you begin to dread opening your eyes to face what lies before you that your vibration goes awry. We do understand that not every beings life is beautiful and full of bliss. We are not asking you to be what you sometimes call Pollyanna’s, we are suggesting that you start to choose a way of finding and acknowledging or showing gratitude for the good/pleasant things in your life. At first this might be difficult for you in your present circumstances to feel gratitude. So, look for something outside yourself that you can feel/express gratitude for, a sunrise/sunset, birds singing, or a pretty flower. Then begin to make statements of gratitude for something that you desire but have not yet experienced. The trick is to feel gratitude/thankfulness for what has not shown in your experience yet. It matters not what it is just a positive expression of thanks for something that you would like to have/do or experience. In this manner you begin draw into your life that which you desire.

Many of One


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