Going HOME

Going HOME
Going home without despair
Going home without a care
Going HOME
Leaving earthly struggles behind
Unzipped out of the body broken
Going HOME with joy
Going HOME to blessed ONENESS

We have come today to talk with you about the process of leaving and going home. We used “home” as a metaphor for dying as do many of our human friends. Most of you have “lost” a loved one. is not odd how you speak of those who have transitioned to non-physical as gone, lost, passed, when in truth they are not lost. They are not lost to you or themselves. You have lost your ability to “see” them with your physical eyes. Truly, that is the only thing that is lost, it is still possible to feel and hear them, to know that the one you love is still accessible to you. The departed ones have many ways to commune with you, smells, music, pennies from heaven, flashing lights that are not turned on, etc.
So it then becomes your “job/duty”, should you wish to have contact with your non-physical family to set yourself to receive their communications. You KNOW that you can do this, there are plenty of you who do so on a regular basis. Mediums will do it for you. We suggest to you that every being is able to receive the messages from those who are now non-physical, to do so you must be aware of your now moments, for that is when they come most easily, when you are in this moment and aware of what is happening around you. The next time you smell the cigarette brand that you associate with your Grandfather, when no one around you is smoking, take a moment to acknowledge his presence and soon he will come again and if you listen with your heart you will hear his words.
Many Of One


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