Paved with Gold

There is a story that you’ve been told
That the streets of heaven are paved with gold
They are paved with gold that’s true
But the streets are inside you
There is something you haven’t been told
That everything you need
Is found inside of you

Somewhere in the stories that have come down through your many generations of human existence the truth that you have contained within you everything you need to live heaven on earth with streets paved with gold has gone untold.
You came into this time space reality of your own accord, knowing that there would be many choices to be made and understanding that although you wouldn’t always make the “correct” choice that you would be able to find your way back to a path that leads to your truth. Now humanity finds itself in a place where the majority place the power for choosing their path and in some cases choosing their truth in the hands of someone else. They look outside themselves for guidance in every aspect of their lives, often times without looking with open eyes at those they are seeking advise/help from. You can find guidance, healing, health, wealth, happiness inside your quiet mind and loving heart. There are many tools to aid you in quieting your mind. Once your mind is quiet you will find that you are able to open yourself to a different perspective about life here on earth. We invite you to start the journey to the inside of you, and find your streets paved with gold.

Many of One


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