There is music everywhere
Can’t you hear it, it’s in the air
The music of the universe
Flows in and out of you
If you are aware
Take a breath and hold it there
Let the music become you
The frequency at which you vibrate
It’s a tool offered free from above
The music in the beauty of a sunrise
It fills your core with hope for the day
It is when you begin to dread opening your eyes to face what lies before you that your vibration goes awry. If you can hold within you the music sent by the universe and put your thoughts on the back burner of your mind, not allowing them to intervene in the music you will find a better day before you. Then if you can capture that music and hold onto it tomorrow and even better day and soon you will find your core is filled with joy and you begin to wonder what you dreaded about facing your days.

Many of One


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