Grieve not Beloved

He turned water into wine
He turned death into life
In that lesson there is no lack
In that example there is no death
Why then to you grieve
For those that have gone before
You grieve for yourself and not for them
For they know the beauty of oneness
You grieve for relationship lost
You grieve for words yet unspoken
You grieve for those who have gone beyond the veil
In truth if the words had been spoken
Or relationship maintained nothing would be different
They would still be gone beyond
And you would still be here
Know you not that the veil is as thick as you choose
Open your mind and heart and look for the signs
Pennies from heaven…they do exist
Feathers floating to the ground in front of you
A flower on your path when it should not be there
The stars the moon shining extra bright
The obstacles that part and clear your way
The voice softly spoken in your heart
“I am not gone, only unseen”
“Listen and I will tell you”
“If you will do this thing, all will be well”
Open the ears in your heart and hear
The voices from beyond the veil

Grieve not Beloved
Many of One


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