I AM the Christed Being that is you.

I AM the Christed Being that is you.

Today we will get direct to our conversation, we wish to speak with you about your I AM presence, the part of you that is never out of connection with the Divine Creator. So many of you are unaware that you are by virtue of your existence a Christed being, one who is a physical representation of the Creator experiencing. You contain within your aura an unbroken connection to the Creator, the thing that disconnects you is your thoughts and only your thoughts. It is you, yourself that keeps you from attaining the life that you desire. These may sound like very strong words, but in truth that is the reality of things. You chose to come into the physical to experience and know your Divinity in this time space reality and the part of you that senses that something is missing or that you need “to go home” is the part that is calling you to re-know this connection to Divine Creation.

Now we will give you some ways or tools if you will to help you re-Know, we do not like your word remember, because is this instance there is the part of you that did not forget who you are and what you came here to do. So we are asking that those of you who have made the choice in this moment, or in a previous moment to walk the path of enlightenment or self-discovery (neither word is perfectly matching to the energy being received…but is the best I can do right now. The Typist) explore with us some of the ways of maintaining the connection.

I AM that I AM, or your I AM presence requires that you are consciously aware of the connection to Creation and the power that you hold within you to Create your reality as you would wish to have it. We suggest that you being by simply breathing and repeating to yourself, I AM that I AM, several times a day. This will easily awaken in you the thought, action to begin to program the I AM connection into your consciousness. The thought – I AM that I AM, the action – Breathing consciously. Many of you forget to stop and smell the roses as it were.

Another tool of course is meditation; we mention this often because it is so very powerful and once you have accomplished the ability to do very relaxing. There are many guided meditations on your internet and we will leave it up to you to find your way to something that will resonate with each individual. We do gently suggest that a guided meditation is a good way to begin the process of learning to meditate and that you should do so daily.

Another suggestion is that you begin to have conversations with the Divine as though you are speaking over a cup of tea. The idea here is that when you meet with and talk to a Being they become your companion/friend/advisor. You demystify the connection to the Divine.

Taking full advantage of the promise, “ask and you shall receive”, also begin to ask the Angels around you to help you. You are never alone; there are always Angelic Beings around you who desire to aid you in your quest. There is not a request to simple or too ridiculous that it will not be answered. Our typist asks for help getting on the interstate and negotiating heavy traffic safely, as an example. 

There is another part to this that is critical, when you ask you must be ready to receive. We have spoken together on this topic before, when you ask it is given. The image our typist has been given is a huge gift basket, beautifully woven and every request you have ever made of the Divine is in there ready for you to receive. The part that is not working for you is this. You need to be in receiving mode, to know that you are worthy and to be thankful for the gift in the basket. A tool that will help you is to begin expressing gratitude not only for what you do have that is good, but what you do not yet have. It is good if you express out loud, by doing so you take advantage of the power of the spoken word to draw energy to you.

We leave today hoping that you will begin your journey to re-knowing who you are.
Many of One


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