The Omnipresent You

I AM light

I Am love

I AM truth

I AM frequency

I AM omnipresent


We are coming forth today to chat with you about the I AM presence, the omnipresent you.

The I AM frequency is that of the Christ consciousness, not that of the man Jesus of Nazareth, he was a Christed Being, but it is not him we wish to discuss. Every being has the within herself the ability to become a fully conscious Christed Being.  You are a frequency that vibrates and  the frequency at which you vibrate calls to you everything, and every being that vibrates on the same frequency that is LAW.  Now understand that your frequency is constantly changing and is something over which you have absolute control, it is entirely your choice to bring your frequency into an awareness of your alignment with the Creator. It is the desire to know this frequency/resonating that you are feeling the pull of when you being your search to truly know yourself and why you are here in this time space reality. It is when you begin to truly understand the significance of you as a Christed Being that your real work in this physical incarnation begins. This is not something that will be accomplished by your simply reading our missives to you. The path to fully Christed Being is a thing you must take responsibility for accomplishing, we are here only to aid you to align yourself with that frequency. For a word spoken carries with it great power to create and by reading these words, the change begins, if you so choose.


We leave you to ponder,

Many of One



2 thoughts on “The Omnipresent You

    • It is both Barbara. To start it is internal, a way of quieting your mind to hear the guidance. As you practice quieting your mind and living from your heart, it is very much an external path that changes you and those around you.


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