Be the best You

It goes like this you understand
What you see is not what you get
It’s what you send out
That’s returned to you
Be the best you
And the best is returned to you
It is LAW

We will offer some explanation of this, it is not as you have been told, YOU have the ability to control what comes to you in life. If your belief is one based in fear and lack of what is wanted then that is exactly what your life will show you.

So, we say to you choose again, choose to be the most Christ like being you can. Show kindness freely to those around you. Choose to turn the other cheek and see that which is beautiful in your world instead of that which is ugly. Put no energy into the things your news media shows you….they create fear, for fear is what keeps you watching.

This is the thing we say to you, most of that which surrounds you is not true. Those that would control you will keep you in fear. They would have you choose to exclude others who do not believe as your group does. We ask you how Christ like is it to condemn a being for believing their truth? Where in any teaching of those who came before to show the way is there acceptance of condemning others? Where is LOVE?

Many of One


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