There are many things we can talk about
It does not matter where we start
The truth will always come out
The truth about you, the truth about me
We are as you are, as they are
Holy and Divine sparks of the Creator’s Light

I AM Light you say
I AM Life eternal
And then you say
I AM sick
I AM depressed
Think you that the universe’s response to all behind the statement I AM, is different. I AM is your declaration of Creator individualized, and as such your statement I AM sets in action all creation. Why then would you truncate creation’s ability to set before you all the glory that is available? Think on this with much deliberation, for once you have stated I AM sick, you set into motion that eternal, ever creating moving forward energy of the creator. Now when you decide that you no longer wish to be sick, you must recall that energy and transmute it into that which services you differently. The first thought of a conscious Being is I AM, that thought is in a way an acceptance of the Creator’s given freedom to go forth and create that which is good and excellent. Why then would you prevent all that Life has to offer by undirected thought that eternally creates for you something that in truth you do not desire?

We leave you to ponder
Many of One


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