Integrity is a must

Integrity is a must
Without it there can be no trust
The most important trust within
Trust between you and YOU
Trust between you and them

Integrity is how you know who you are. It is not an easy road to walk in integrity, it is not something that your society accepts, because to walk in integrity one must stand aside and choose that which is right for them. One who walks in integrity is not lead by the mass media like a lamb to slaughter, this one walks as you say to the beat of their own drum. Their choices are that which resonate with their inner most being, the part of them that understands that they cannot be one with the creator and be apart/separate from anyone or anything. They understand that all are worthy and deserving. They do not judge at all let alone by what you call the cover (outside appearance). They do not join in to rally against that latest thing that news uses to cause fear.

For you see, integrity is not doing what is right, or doing the right thing as society judges it, but is instead doing that thing that allows you to look yourself in the eye in the mirror and say I AM proud of you.

Many of One


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