In every heart
There is a word
That should be heard
And that word is LOVE

We asking that you come to know the LOVE of the Creator and to do so you must get past all that has been put in your path to discourage you from finding it. We understand that in this moment that might be what you consider a daunting task. In the first place you must accept that you are worthy, just as you stand in this moment of that LOVE. We love you very much, but most of our human friends have a difficult time getting past what you have been taught is love in this time space reality. LOVE of the Creator, is free of bargains, it is freely given in every moment. You need not look a certain way, act a certain way, or believe in a certain way, it is given free of judgement. You need not even ask for it, the LOVE of the Creator is a given a sure thing that can be depended on to never change. The only thing required of you is acceptance.

Many of One


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