You are therefore you are LOVE.

In the frequency of the Christ
There is truth
There is life

There is not judgement
There is discernment
There is not hate
There is love
There is not sickness
There is wellness

There is a thing we wish to make clear to you. When we speak of the Christ we are speaking of an energy. Not the being known to you as Jesus of Nazareth. He was an embodiment of the Christ energy. You all embody holding that energy within your auric field and that energy is all ways available to you. As we have often said. You must make the choice to acknowledge and accept that it is so. Once you accept that this energy flows to you and begin to work with it, you are able use it to change your reality in ways that are indeed miracles. Even if you are not looking for a miracle. Most of our human friends don’t feel that they are deserving of a miracle. So we say to you that removal of the small things in your experience that cause you dis-ease, is your miracle and if you can accept your worthiness to own such it is yours.

We wish now do speak a bit about the love of Creator. In your time space reality, love has many definitions, but it is our observation that most beings are unable to feel beyond the give me what I want and I will love you that has become the norm for this era. Another concept of love on this plane is behave as I expect you to and I will love you. You begin to get the idea. Love has parameters, and expectations. The Creator’s LOVE is not something that happens to you only if you be good. Creator’s LOVE is frequency of total acceptance that you are therefore you are LOVE. Notice that we say you are therefore you are LOVE.

We leave you now, please reflect upon our offerings.

Many of One


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